Label Vision Systems (LVS) is now part of Microscan, a global technology leader in barcode and machine vision solutions.
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LVS® Press Releases

LVS Press Releases:
08/2015 Label Vision Systems (LVS) announces it has been acquired by Microscan
04/2012 Label Vision Systems offers the 5.0 MP Camera with all Integra 9510 Bar Code Verification Systems
3/2012 Label Vision Systems announces the release of the Integra 9570 Handheld 1D and 2D Bar Code Verifier
2/15/12 Label Vision Systems announces a new design and enhanced functionality to the LVS® 7500
02/22/2008 LVS Named Exporter of the Year
11/29/2007 LVS Wins Golden Award for Product Exports

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